Estate Planning... That’s What We Do

You’ve worked hard. Let a legal professional help protect what you’ve earned. Don’t let the State become responsible for how you want your assets distributed. Plan ahead, be in control.

Without a Will
  • Your assets will be distributed by a rigid statutory formula with disregard for your personal wishes.
  • A state appointed administrator could become the executor of your estate.
  • Court proceedings must be held before the administrator of your estate can sell real estate.
With a Will
  • You can appoint an executor (personal representative) and manger of your estate.
  • Parents can suggest guardians for their children and property.
  • Real estate and other assets may be sold without court proceedings, if so authorized by the Will.
  • You can establish trusts to lower taxes.
  • You can save unnecessary expense such as bond requirements on the executor.
  • A well-prepared will may reduce your estate taxes.

Don’t let someone else decide how your assets should pass. At Michael Johnson, P.C. & Associates we offer an Asset Protection Package. You will receive a Will, a Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney & Healthcare Power of Attorney.

These documents are an essential part of Estate Planning. Contact us today to see how we can help.